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From our shop to your “Home SWEET Home”

Candy Heaven is here to take you to the amazing land of sweets and candies.
We don’t just share candies, we share happiness and memories!

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our story

Established in 2017

Like every other kid, we craved sweet candies all our childhood. Our parents would always say yes to our demands believing that the sweet tooth would just vanish with age. Little did they know that the sweet tooth would only grow with time.

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Gift Creation

We Are More Than Just a Candy Store!

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A Selection
Like No Other!

Over thousands of products, from around the world.

We’ve got a HUGE collection of colorful and
extremely tasty candy from around the globe. We can make Gift Baskets for you as well as provide incredible Gifts for any occasion.

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Birthday Parties

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Gift Baskets

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Custom Wrapping

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What We Do

A Little Something For Everyone

This is your one-stop Sweet Tooth place to get your sweets.  We have all sorts of Candies, Toys, Gifts, Gift Baskets, and we even customize mugs, etc.

Candy Gift Baskets
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All Kinds of Candy

All assortment of Candies from all over the world. Gummies, Mints, Theatre Boxes, Gums, Lollipops, Jelly Beans & More

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Check out our huge selection of Chocolate Bars, Kinder Eggs, Sugar Free Chocolate & More Chocolate

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Drink Mix, Beverages, Halal Products & More Specialty Selections

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All Kinds of Snacks

Tea Cakes, Sponge Toffees, Pocky Sticks, Biscuits, Peanuts, Fresh Fudge, Beef Jerky, Flavored Popcorn & More

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Check out our Largest selection of Jelly Beans, Assorted Candies & Sugar-Free Selections Buying by the bulk gives you the opportunity to mix and match

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Check out our large selection of TY Plush Toys – All Sizes, Jelly Belly Gift Boxes, Disney Jelly Belly Machines & so Much More

Dreams Do Come True!

After so many years, we were able to make our childhood dream a reality in the form of Candy Heaven. Here, we’ve got a huge collection of colorful and extremely tasty candy from around the globe. And honestly, we’re so happy that we get to share all this with you!



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We will be sure that you can find what you are looking for to crave your Sweet Tooth

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